Vol. 42  No. 23 - Beloved Sanat Kumara - June 6, 1999


Ghana Class 1976

Rekindling the Threefold Flame
 on the Continent of Afra


Hail, Keepers of the Flame!  I come in the light of Venus. I come in the love of the heart flame of the Venusian evolutions who in this hour are assembled in an etheric temple of light.

This temple is in the formation of a large cross and thousands are gathered within the temple. It is a temple dedicated to the Christ, the Christ we know as Jesus. For he is of the evolutions of Venus, and that blessed Son of God came originally with the devotees who assembled at Shamballa for the celebration of the Trinity, the threefold flame.

Do you know that the first Christmas on earth was when the flame was anchored at Shamballa?  And as the flame was placed there, so the celebration on earth and in Venus was for the coming once again of the opportunity for life, the opportunity for Christhood, presaging the era when the anointed ones would be empowered by God to come forth to give the teachings, the example and the initiations.

The priests after the Order of Melchizedek, even Elijah, whom you know as John the Baptist, and many of the prophets who spoke to the children of Israel  hailed from Venus. [There] on Venus they learned the mastery of the sacred fire in the heart chakra. [There] they excelled in love, and by that Christ consciousness anchored in the heart, they were prepared to speak to the evolutions of earth, who had forgotten the way of the threefold flame.    

A Celebration of the Threefold Flame

The sons and daughters of God who have assembled this night on Venus in the Temple of the Cross of White Fire of the Holy Kumaras have come in a celebration of the threefold flame in memory of my coming to earth long ago, in memory of the avatars who came to earth and returned to Venus.

In this hour they come to celebrate the rekindling of the threefold flame on the continent of Afra, ancient land of Lemuria, where much of earth’s history was written and  recorded in akasha [but is] yet hidden from modern historians who have not yet reckoned the two hundred and fifty thousand years of continuous culture and civilization on this continent and on the continent of Lemuria. Let it then be understood that the kindling fire we bring and the flame we brought of old is the threefold flame, the Trinity of love, wisdom and power.

The sons and daughters of God assembled on Venus this night  are the counterparts of the sons and daughters of Afra who will rise in the power of the threefold flame upon this continent as the leaders of the people, as ministers and servants of the Light of the people.

Some of you  [are counted] among the counterparts of those who are assembled. Some of you are working on the path of initiation to become that counterpart on earth. Some of you require but an increase in the balance of the threefold flame--the very delicate balance of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Some of you require [only] hours and weeks more of invocation to qualify as coordinates of the sacred fire manifesting the flame of the priesthood of Melchizedek, arcing the light of love from Venus to this continent.

Keeping the Flame for the Children of God on Terra

Ghana, [like] the Ancient of Days, Ghana, known of old in the heart of the Flaming Ones, Ghana, as a golden-age civilization, is well known to the evolutions of Venus, who have taken upon themselves the responsibility for keeping the flame for the children of God on Terra.

They [the evolutions of Venus] have anticipated the hour when the Messenger could be sent to this continent, when I could speak to the Keepers of the Flame, when I could tell the Keepers of the Flame of brothers and sisters of Light who are one with you in the heart--in the rhythm of the heart, in the flow of love. And their anticipation has been almost as great as if not greater than your own as the time approached for the kindling of that fire.

Therefore, it is the mission of the Mother, coming in the name of Sanat Kumara, to reenact the coming of our band to the earth to bring to this continent the threefold flame, to place that flame upon the altar of the hearts of the devotees. And so these days of preparation and decrees and service you have rendered have brought us to the moment of the transfer of light.

And so the taper of the threefold flame, extended through my hand in this hour, is for the lighting of a continent. It is for the opening of opportunity for these lifewaves to pass through the open door of the Christ consciousness. And by law and by decree of the Lords of Karma, it was necessary for those in physical embodiment in authority to accept the Messenger, the Teaching and the threefold flame. This has been accomplished by you in Ghana this night. And therefore is this gift of the Holy Kumaras passed through the Mother of the Flame, passed through her heart to the hearts of sons and daughters of Afra.

The Transfer of Light

Now, the coordinates, your brothers and sisters on Venus, stand with hands upraised to release that energy. Will you join them now and rise, raising your hands?

[Audience rises.] 

Will you now visualize your heart as the center of the sacred flow of fire?  Will you see the arc of love coming now from the Temple of the Cross of White Fire?

Venus, the planet of love, is the heart chakra of the solar system, representing the heart of Helios and Vesta in the planets who focus the light of the seven rays. As earth is freedom’s star, representing the soul of all evolutions, so she has played host to all lifewaves of this system of worlds, for solar consciousness is the destiny of the beings of earth--freedom through solar awareness. And the children of Afra [will] have the good fortune to bring that light of the heart of Venus for the release of freedom--freedom and love, gifts of Aquarius, gifts of Saint Germain.

Now the arcing of the energies from the hearts of the devotees of Venus to the hearts of the devotees of Afra, now the release of the threefold flame to the continent through the heart [takes place].

[Master chants for 1  minute, 30 seconds.]

The I AM Presence, the Christ Self and the soul of every son and daughter of God on this continent has been contacted by this chant known of old by the souls who stood before the altar of the Most High God, known by these sons and daughters who stood before the Ancient of Days and before the Holy Kumaras, who took their vows to liberate this people and this continent at this very moment in time and space.

The hour has struck. And so, note the hour and the moment, <1>for this very moment as I speak is the moment of the consecration of the flame.

Now, beloved ones, slowly draw your hands to your heart chakra in a very gentle motion and keep your hands pressed to your heart as I tell you, then, that at the etheric level, anchored in the etheric body, and for some just above at the level of the Christ Self, is the focus of the balanced threefold flame of the Holy Kumaras containing the momentum of our service as priests of the sacred fire on the seven rays.

Every soul of Light who is destined to fulfill the destiny of Afra has been contacted this night. Souls are aware; they know the Light and they know the chant of the Ancient of Days. And as they stood before the sacred altar fires [long ago], they were told that this chant--the formula of the sacred fire, the sacred mathematical formula--would be released through the science of the spoken Word by the representative of the Mother in the hour of their calling. And one and all vowed that when this chant would be registered on the ethers in the continent of Afra, they would respond to the call, they would come forth for the unity and the victory of these nations.

Contact the Sons and Daughters of God of Afra

Therefore, beginning in the heart of Afra, beginning in the heart of Ghana, we draw Keepers of the Flame. We send forth our command this night: The contact must be made at the physical level with every son and daughter of God in every nation upon this continent, and it must be a chain reaction, a heart flow, as the flame leaps from heart to heart.

Therefore, go forth on the highways and byways in  search of the sons and daughters of Afra, of Venus, of Light, of the Ancient of Days. Give forth the call in your heart and give forth the command as you go that you might be empowered by Sanat Kumara to reach those very souls who have the threefold flame of the Seven Holy Kumaras deposited at the etheric level or at the Christ level.

They must be contacted, and we must make the contact through you, for it is through the Word incarnate that we reach out to focus, to crystallize, to bring forth the light of the seven rays on earth as in heaven. Without this embodied Messenger we could not have fulfilled the promise to souls of Light for the anchoring of the flame; without the embodied ministers and disciples and brothers and sisters of the flame, we could not make the physical contact, and unless those souls would find the teachings of the Great White Brotherhood on their own, that focus of the threefold flame would remain at the etheric level and it would not be used, therefore, to draw down the immense Causal Body energies of all who ever evolved on the continent of Afra in previous golden ages.

So you see the chain of Hierarchy--from the Holy Kumaras to the least of these thy brethren to those who have been exalted as Keepers of the Flame. From the least unto the greatest, from the greatest unto the least in the chain of Hierarchy, so is the flow of fire this night.

I commend you into the keeping of the Holy Spirit. I commend you into the keeping of the flame of God. Let this word to the wise be sufficient unto the victory of Afra. Let all who have heard, then, the word of the Ancient of Days go forth to fulfill the promise made at inner levels, the promise of the Law fulfilled in love.

The fire is upon you. Now let the will and the love of wisdom be the energies of our threefold flame. With this, with this,  conquer. Be steadfast, immovable as the rock of ages.

Be the foundation of the City Foursquare. Be the apex of the pyramid of Life. Be all of the energies of God and the consciousness of God to all people. And know that I AM with you, for I also made my vow to you when you made your vow to us. Therefore, I will not leave thee. I will not leave thee. But I will comfort you in the light of purity and I will show you the way to the sons and daughters of God in Afra.

In the name of the Holy Kumaras, in the name of the Trinity, in the name of Lord Krishna, I AM the Ancient of Days.


“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Sanat Kumara  was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, on September 17, 1976, at the three-day Ghana Class held in Accra, Ghana.

1. The exact moment is not recorded, but the time of this dictation was from 10:37-10:52 p.m.