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Mother's Welcome Address at The First African Summit Conference, Accra. 1972

Elizabeth Clare Prophet


Opening Invocation

In the name of Almighty God, we call to worship to the Christ Self of all mankind, to the Christ Flame upon the altar of each one. We call to the seven Mighty Elohim, the spirits who brought the creation in the beginning. We call to full power of the seven beloved Archangels, the mighty Chohans of the Rays and the entire Ascended Hosts of Light. We call to beloved Lord Gautama Buddha, the Lord Maitreya. We call to all angels of light, the mighty Seraphim and Cherubim, legions from out the Great Central Sun to gather with us in this forcefield and by the authority of Alpha and Omega, we consecrate and dedicate this service to the victory of the light upon this continent and in this nation and in the hearts of the people. By the authority of the Divine Mother, we call for the protection of the light for all those who serve the light, all who desire the light and all who are coming into the light. In the name of Jesus the Christ, let the Cosmic Cross of White fire, let the Cosmic Cross of White fire, let the Cosmic Cross of White fire be established here to keep the way of the tree of life in the hearts of all mankind and in this place. We call for the covering Cherubim who guard the flame of the Ark of the Covenant to guard our going forth and our coming in from this time forth and even forevermore. We call for the legions of blue lightning angels for their protection in the name of Archangel Michael, the great Defender of the Faith, around each one destined to receive the Christ illumination during this conference. We call to all souls who are caught in the astral plane to be quickened now by the power of Jesus the Christ and drawn into the Christ consciousness. We call to all those who are coming into embodiment and all those who are in the retreats and the etheric cities. Let there be one heart, one mind, one service, one dedication to the Will of God. In the name of Jesus the Christ and the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, we accept it down now with full power.



On behalf of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, we should like to welcome you to this three-day conference that has been brought about by the faithful efforts by the students in Accra, Ghana, under the direction of Mr. Herbert Krakue and his wonderful assistants. We are grateful that our first conference in Africa could take place in Ghana because Ghana focuses the heart of Freedom for the entire continent through the retreat of Portia, the divine complement of Saint Germain. Saint Germain, as you know, is the master and representative of freedom to this planet. And so, at the invisible level, at the spiritual octave over Ghana is the focus of his divine complement of the feminine ray. From her retreat comes forth the flame of justice. And from Saint Germain comes the flame of freedom. And so Freedom and Justice are the twin flames of these representatives of the Father Mother God. It is then not by coincidence that the motto of Ghana is Freedom and Justice. But it is by divine law, and by the invincible pattern that is in the ethers, that is the pattern of God and of the destiny of Ghana to bring the pattern of freedom to the African nations.

It is written in the prophecy of the Pyramid that on July 23rd, 1972 all nations should bow to the Christ. Our interpretation of this prophecy is that the many peoples, the many nations of Africa, the many strains, the tribes, and the origins of man in the far distant past that occurred upon this continent are receiving the true teachings of the Christ in their receptivity to the truth. They are the elect of God because they have elected God. The chosen people of God are always the people who choose to do the will of God. It is not that any group of people are more significant or more special in the universe, for God created all people equal. And therefore if there are those people among people of the world who rise to a more than ordinary and extraordinary position in the spirituality of the race, it is because they have chosen God, and because they have chosen God, God has chosen them.

This then is the opportunity of freedom and justice. It is because the people of this land have chosen freedom and justice that freedom and justice has chosen them. I would like to tell you about the ancient cultures of light that existed upon this continent thousands of years ago. You know scientists reckon the origin of man with the discovery of many different skeletons and forms right in the African soil. What they do not realize is that beyond the creation of those forms was a mighty civilization of light, and that those relics that the archeologists have discovered represent the lowest level to which civilization fell. Not its origin. For there were three great golden ages thousands and thousands of years ago upon this planet, upon the lost continent of Lemuria and Atlantis.

From these civilizations came forth the teachings that we are bringing to you again today by the authority of the Great White Brotherhood. And so, on this continent, there was a mighty civilization of light and there were two focuses, focuses of Alpha and Omega, who represent the beginning and the ending. Alpha is focused in the blue ray from the heart of God, for this is the first ray of the dawn. And so there was a blue race that was dedicated to the will of God, and their skin actually had a hue of deep sapphire blue. The ray representing the Omega, the motherhood of God was called the violet race, and the skin of this people actually had a violet hue. And so the beginning and the ending of the law and of the golden age teachings was brought forth upon this soil.

These civilizations were destroyed by the same priests who destroyed the continent of Lemuria, by their rebellion against the law, by their rebellion against perfection, their desire to taste the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil, brought forth the manifestation of imperfection, the fall of civilization, and the misuse of the knowledge of the law for the purveying of darkness. And so evil began as an energy veil in the mind of man. And this is how the densification came to be a mass that hid the true light of the Christ within the hearts of the people. And so even their bodies took on a densification and their skin no longer reflected the Father-Mother God, the light of the blue and of the violet. They became more and more dense, and instead of the rhythm of the divine music of the spheres, the priests of the sacred fire began to distort the beat into a voodoo beat, and into a practice that was able to actually bring death upon their neighbours at will. Some of the remnants of these practices still exist in Africa but they do not have any power before the light of God, before the light of the Christ.

You will recall then that when Jesus rose from the dead on Sunday morning, when he was resurrected, those who were closest to him in life did not recognize him. Mary at the tomb thought he was the gardener until he spoke to her. He said, ‘Woman, why weepest thou?’ And she said they have taken my Lord and they have placed him I know not where.’ And he said again to her, ‘Mary.’ And she looked up and saw the light of the Christ and said, ‘Rabbonai.’ Jesus then went on and met the disciples on the road to Emmaus. And they walked all the way with him and they did not know him. Why did they not know him? Because he was resurrected, because his body was full of light, he had overcome death and yet they still walked in death and darkness. He was transformed, he was alive and they were not yet quickened. And so the differential between their consciousness and his was enough to make him unrecognizable.

This is significant for us today. For we realize that the teachings of the Christ, the true teachings are shrouded in darkness in men’s consciousness, in the world that even in the sacred scriptures, there are omissions and deletions so that the true Christ is not recognizable. And when he comes into our midst and brings the true teachings, people do not recognize that true teaching for they yet walk in darkness. 

And so, as we welcome you in the name of the entire Spirit of the Great Brotherhood, we do speak to the heart of a continent and yet that continent does not recognize the presence of the light. ‘The light descended into the darkness and the darkness comprehended it not.’ But only for a time, for soon as the leaven which the woman took and hid in the three measures of meal, when that leavens the whole lump of mankind’s consciousness, then they are quickened, then they receive the initiation of the transfiguration and the resurrection. And when their consciousness is resurrected, then they receive the resurrected teachings of the Christ.

And so our welcome to you is to receive these teachings and to tell you that you must not be dismayed or concerned if people do not recognize the risen teachings for they did not recognize the risen Christ. But as you become transformed by the renewing of your minds, you will then manifest the resurrected teachings and people will recognize the teachings because they see in you the outpicturing of those teachings and the fulfillment of the Law.

And so the torch is passed to you this day by the Great White Brotherhood from our hand to your hand. The torch is the torch of knowledge, of illumination and of the restoration of the lost teachings of the Christ. These, we give to you freely, gladly in our lectures and in the dictations—seven dictations—which will be forthcoming from ascended beings, masters who have returned as Jesus did to heart of the Father in ritual of the ascension.

We will explain many important points of the Law and if you are interested to pursue these teaching, please, realize that it is a vast study. And that if you are in the first grade of understanding, do not be discouraged if you hear concepts discussed which are taken from the college level. For religion is not altogether simple. People expect that they will have to study music or mathematics when they come to the university and they have patience with themselves that they will have to take four or five years to complete the course. Realize that the great ancient wisdom of the Great White Brotherhood is just that. It is ancient. It has been drawn together and compounded over thousands of years. Until these last centuries, it was released only in the inner retreats of the Great White Brotherhood to which only the initiates who had passed extreme tests of hardship and deprivation were allowed to enter. And when they were allowed to enter there, they still had more tests to pass until they are given the first morsel of truth. You will remember the school of Pythagoras that he required of his disciples five years of silence before they will begin to learn the law that he taught. This is the type of discipline that mankind previously had to undergo before they could be given the knowledge of the Sacred Fire—the fire which is the creative power in man.

Today, the dispensation has gone forth from the retreats of the Brotherhood that all mankind should have equal opportunity to receive this knowledge and this truth which Jesus taught to his disciples but which was not entirely recorded.

And so, we have come to the place of the calling and the election. It is those who choose to accept this advanced teaching, this resurrected teaching, who will be the servants of God and the avant-garde of the golden age culture upon the continent of Africa. Those of you who choose to make this teaching your own by eating the little book must remember that it is sweet in the mouth and bitter in the belly. It is bitter in the belly because you practise the law, the alchemy transforms you and in the process of putting behind the old man and putting on the new, there is a feeling of pain that comes to the carnal mind that does not want to surrender to the divine mind. But when the surrender is made, the harmony of being is restored.

And so, the first volume of that little book that was prophesied in the Book of Revelation is with you. We have come because it is complete. Those of you who wish to pursue the teaching should purchase a copy of the book and avail yourselves of the opportunity to follow precept upon precept, line upon line of the teachings. Also the Keepers of the Flame Lessons and Pearls of Wisdom are available to all. And you can inform yourselves of these through Herbert Krakue and his group.

We say then, In the name of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and the resurrected Christ, welcome to the teachings of the Ascended Masters.’