Various Instructions Regarding Decrees. 7

The Importance of Doing the Preamble to a Decree. 8

The Importance Sealing Each Decree. 8

Announcing Inserts. 8

Inserts. 9

Fiats and Mantras. 9

Doing Multiple Decrees in Sequence. 9

Sequence for Decrees to End World Communism. 9

Sequence of Judgment Calls. 10

Sequence of Violet Flame Decrees. 10

Decreeing with Mother’s Recordings. 10

The Importance of Sealing a Decree Session. 11

Singing a Hymn in Preparation for a Dictation. 12

Creating a Chalice for the Light to Descend. 12

























God is energy.  This energy is the mystical Presence which Moses beheld in the bush that burned but was not consumed and who identified himself as the “I AM THAT I AM”. This energy otherwise referred to as the “I AM THAT I AM” is the source of all life to which we are all destined to return through the ritual of the ascension.


There are devout souls, sages, saints and avatars who have mastered time and space through karma balancing and fulfilling their dharma and have ascended into the Presence of God as Jesus did when “he was taken up and a cloud received him out of their sight.” These are the Ascended Masters who have risen from every walk of life and from every continent.  These include Gautama Buddha, Lord Maitreya, El Morya, Kuthumi, Elijah, Elisha, Enoch, Moses, Jesus, Mary the Mother, St. Germain, St. Francis of Assisi, Pope John XXIII etc.


We who look forward to our own “matriculation” have a great opportunity today to walk in the footsteps of those who have already overcome the world i.e. the Ascended Masters.  One of the most important and vital techniques of self-mastery taught by the Brotherhood is the science of invocation, which includes the art of decreeing.


We need to understand that there are many forms of application to the Godhead.  In other words, there are various means and methods of communication between man and God.  Let us examine them one after another:



A prayer is a devout petition to, or any form of spiritual communion with God or an object of worship; a spiritual communion with God or an object of worship, as in supplication, thanksgiving, adoration or confession; a formula or sequence of words used in or appointed for praying:  the Lord’s Prayer; a petition, entreaty.



The act of invoking or calling upon a deity, spirit, etc for aid, protection, inspiration, or the like; supplication; any petitioning or supplication for help or aid; a form of prayer invoking God’s presence, said especially at the beginning of a public ceremony; a call to God or to beings who have become one with God to release power, wisdom, and love to mankind or to intercede in their behalf; supplication for the flow of light, energy, peace, and harmony to come into manifestation on earth as it is in heaven.



A mystical formula or invocation; a word or formula, often in Sanskrit, to be recited or sung for the purpose of intensifying the action of the Spirit of God in man.



A short, simple melody, especially one characterized by single notes to which an indefinite number of syllables are intoned, used in singing the Psalms, Canticles, etc in church service.


By sounding the name of God or that of a member of the heavenly hosts, the vibration of the being is simulated and thereby that being itself is drawn to the one chanting. These chants, when properly used, magnetize the Presence, whether universal or individualized, of the Divine Consciousness.



An authoritative decree, sanction, order; a pronouncement; a short dynamic invocation or decree usually using the name of God, I AM, as the first word of the fiat, e.g. I AM the Way! I AM the Truth! I AM the Resurrection and the Life.


Fiats are always exclamations of Christ-power, Christ-wisdom, and Christ-love consciously affirmed and accepted in the here and now.



Affirmations are fiats which may be of greater length and more specific detail.  They affirm the action of Truth in man – in his being, consciousness, and world.  They are used alternately with denials of the reality of evil in all of its forms.  Likewise, they affirm the power of Truth that challenges the activities of the fallen ones.



A demand, a claim, a request or command to come or be present; an instance of asking for something; the act of summoning the Lord, or the Lord’s summoning of his offspring e.g. “Lazarus, come forth.”



A decree is the most powerful of all applications to the Godhead.  It is the command of the son or daughter of God made in the name of the I AM Presence and the Christ for the will of the Almighty to come into manifestation as above, so below. It is the means whereby the kingdom of God becomes a reality here and now through the power of the spoken Word. It may be short or long and usually is marked by a formal preamble and a closing or acceptance.


In the book Isaiah 45:11, it is recorded as follows:

“Thus saith the Lord, the Holy One of Israel and his maker, Ask me of things to come concerning my sons, and concerning the work of my hands, COMMAND YE ME.”


Here God is asking you not only to petition him for grace and mercy that these might abound on earth as in heaven, but also to command him – to command his energy to do his will in and through you, to work his works upon earth and in your life.  He is, in fact, telling you that you must command him to descend into your being if you would experience him in consciousness.


Why is this so?  The reason is plain; God gave you the gift of free will and the responsibility to take dominion over the earth, (Gen. 1:26) thereby relinquishing his own jurisdiction in the footstool kingdom (Acts 7: 49).


If, in the daily exercise of free will and in the cause of taking dominion over the earth, you desire the assistance of the Most High, you must command him to descend into your world, into your life, in the same manner as Jesus taught his disciples to pray – in the imperative – saying “Thy kingdom come! Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven”. (Matt 6:10).


By consciously, willingly uniting your forces with God’s, making your will one with and subject to the divine, and then commanding the Almighty to enter your world and to exercise his dominion, you return to him the authority that he gave to you.  The ritual of asking that you might receive, of seeking that you might find, of knocking that the door might be opened, (Matt. 7:7-8) is the key to self-mastery through conscious cooperation with God.  Cosmic Law states that “The call compels the answer.”  The real God has challenged man to prove his law in his daily life.  “Prove me now herewith, said the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.” (Mal. 3:10)


If you find it hard to believe that mortals could be vested with the authority to command God, let us explain when the Lord says, “command ye me”, he is speaking directly to the Real Man whom he hath made and not to the synthetic image.


“But”, you may say, “I am not yet fully manifesting the Real Man.”  This may be true, but it has been explained that “until your synthetic consciousness is replaced by the real, you have an advocate with the Father, (1 John 2:1) the Christ, in whose name you may, with the full authority of your God Presence, command the energies of the Holy Spirit into action.”


The Christ Self, truly beloved of God as the Mediator of man’s divinity, is the instrument for the alchemical transformation of the four lower bodies and the evolution of the soul consciousness.  As you invoke the light of God in his name, the Mediator descends into the forcefield of your evolving consciousness and speaks the sacred Word through you that proves the Law as above so below in the abundant manifestation of the abundant life.  The Christ then, is the perfect gift which cometh down from the Father of Lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning (James1:17).


Because they have been found worthy to be received by God, all who are made one with the Real Image are worthy to command him into action in the world of form.  You may therefore command the Lord not only in the name of Jesus the Christ, but also in the name of every ascended and cosmic being who has won his immortal freedom through the reunion of the soul with the Christ and with the Spirit of the I AM Presence.


Commands made in the name of the Ascended sons and daughters of God, then are an acceptable sacrifice unto the living God.  They replace the supposed need for either burnt offerings or animal or human sacrifice (Gen 4:3-5; Exod. 12:3-4) which for centuries both before and since Christian dispensation have been placed on the altar of the Most High in the mistaken belief that these are required as a propitiation for the sins of the race.  Only the right use of the power of the spoken Word can atone for mankind’s sins.


By cosmic law, the servants of God (i.e. Ascended Masters, Elohim, Archangels, angels and elementals) are not permitted to intercede for and on behalf of mankind unless they are invoked in the name of one or more persons of the Trinity.








Various Instructions Regarding Decrees


            We want to share with you some simple but important instructions regarding our decrees. The Science of the Spoken Word is a science that is exact in many ways. The Messengers gave us very precise instruction about the Science of the Spoken Word. Please keep the following instructions from the Messenger in mind during your decrees and services.


The Importance of Doing the Preamble to a Decree.

Instruction from Mother at a Decree Service on July 18, 1985:

“We always start with the preamble.  Nobody’s invocation ever replaces the preamble of a decree.  The decree leaders in this organization do this continuously.  I make a call, they start the body.  It is never replaced.  You cannot give a decree without addressing your own Mighty I AM Presence.  Don’t ever do it anytime, anywhere in tags.  I do not know where this custom came from, but I find it repeated all over the place.  The call was given; the decree is started from the beginning.”


The Importance Sealing Each Decree.

Teaching by Mark Prophet from April 7, 1967:


“The ending, ‘And in full Faith I consciously accept this manifest.’ Now that’s where you do the work. “And in full Faith I consciously accept this manifest, manifest, manifest.” And see when you say that and when you garner that faith in full faith, see, when you do that you must feel that faith, that you’re gathering it together then, see, consciously. Manifest, manifest, manifest! You’re demanding it. And when you put that, it’s just like wrapping it up, you know, and then it goes right up and it goes to work all over the world. That’s the thing that’s necessary. Otherwise the energy comes here and radiates and stays here and dissipates. But that’s the capstone of the pyramid, that’s a very important part. So remember when you give that to really feel that, what you’re doing.”


Announcing Inserts.

When announcing a series of inserts before a preamble please make sure to announce the numbers of the decrees and inserts before you do the preamble of the decree. Please announce this slowly so that everyone can take note. When we repeatedly announce these numbers after the preamble it breaks the momentum of energy. Mother gave the teaching that we should not pause after the preamble and before we say “I decree” but instead do the preamble and say the “I decree” without pausing in between.



When doing inserts, please remember that they are best done AFTER the preamble to a decree. This is the case even if the insert has its own preamble because then the insert has the benefit of the mantles of the masters invoked in the preamble to the decree.


Fiats and Mantras.

There are fiats and mantras in the decree book that do not need a preamble or sealing but stand on their own. These include:  7.32 “Protect Our Youth” and 6.05 “Traveling Protection.” These decrees are given on their own and not as part of another decree. If, for example, you are doing 10.00 to Archangel Michael and want to do 7.32 “Protect Our Youth,” you first seal 10.00 and do 7.32 as a mantra separately.


Doing Multiple Decrees in Sequence.

The only series of decrees that we can do one after the other without doing the sealing “And in full Faith…” are violet flame decrees, the decrees to end World Communism (7.03A through 7.06A), and 20.07 and 20.09.All other decrees require the sealing.


Sequence for Decrees to End World Communism.

When doing a sequence of the decrees to end World Communism, it is not necessary to seal each decree between 7.03A and 7.06. You should seal the decree sequence with the “And in full Faith…” after 7.06 before doing 7.06A. Please use the phrase “decrees to end World Communism” or “end of World Communism decrees.” Do not call these the “Communist Decrees.” Announce the order of the sequence, whether it is 7.05, 7.03A, 7.04, 7.06A or 7.03A through 7.06A, and then go from one decree to the next and say “together” to have the congregation begin with you. Give the preamble to each decree before doing the body of the decree.


Sequence of Judgment Calls.

Decrees 20.07and 20.09 are both considered judgment calls. You may do the Ruby Ray preamble to one of these decrees and then continue into the next decree without doing the sealing “And in full Faith…”  The sealing would be done after both are done.


Mother said on April 17, 1983, “You can take 20.08 and 20.07 and use them as a preamble to 20.09 in the manner we just did, or you can do them in the opposite order.  If you want to give many Judgment Calls, you can wind up with the Judgment Call being last.  If you want to give many dweller calls, you can wind up with that being last.”


            The Ruby Ray Preamble should be given before each of these decrees regardless of the order in which they are recited. For 20.09, please remember to always include the phrase, “I Cast Out the Dweller on the Threshold” before entering into the body of the decree.


Sequence of Violet Flame Decrees.

You may do a series of violet flame decrees following one single preamble. This does NOT include songs or bhajans. If you do a series of violet flame decrees and would like to do a song, please seal the last decree with “And in full Faith….” Then you may sing the song and do a new violet flame preamble for the next set of violet flame decrees.


                Decreeing with Mother’s Recordings.

When doing a decree with Mother’s recording, please do not slow down at the final repetition. Simply keep the tempo that Mother was doing and then seal the decree. When the decree leader slows down at the end of a faded recording, the forcefield drops.


                The Importance of Sealing a Decree Session.

Teaching by Elizabeth Clare Prophet:


“These reservoirs of energies, of spiritual power are built and fed and filled every time you decree.  And we always conclude our decree sessions with the sealing of the energies which is an individual call that you make very simply, ‘In the name of my own beloved Christ Self, in the name of the I AM THAT I AM, I call for the sealing of all energies that we've invoked, that they may be only used for the light and never be requalified by the human.’  After all we're not standing around invoking all this light just floating in the air, we want it to be sealed.


“When it is sealed, it is sealed in our Christ Self and in our own causal body.  And then when we need light it's there, ready to be used--it goes forth from us.  It also becomes a part of the great reservoir, the great storehouse of energy guarded by the Great White Brotherhood. You have that direct access to power and those reservoirs of light are like floating grids and forcefields. They rest above the place where the teaching center is, where the headquarters is or where the Summit decree group is, or over your house and then they amalgamate and they form giant pools like oceans of reservoir that become accessible to the archangels.”

“The Guru Chela Relationship under the Ascended Masters,” ECP, July 3, 1978.

Further teaching from Mother on the official sealing for our decree sessions:

“The following prayer is the sealing of the decree session.  It is taken from the prayer ‘The Sealing of the Rosary.’  Many years ago the masters counseled us that whenever we conclude a decree session we must seal it.  So ordinarily, each one of us makes our own prayer for the sealing action of the Light invoked.  We ask that that Light be sealed in our Holy Christ Self, that it can never be requalified by the human, that it be sealed in the heart of the Cosmic Christ, and that it be used as needed and when necessary so that our decree sessions become a reservoir of Light accessible to the holy angels which they may freely dip into for the rescuing of those in the gravest danger on earth. 


“This sealing (the sealing to the Alternate Preamble) now becomes the official sealing which I ask you all to give at the conclusion of your decrees and the conclusion of a session when we dismiss the sanctuary.  Even if we start up again immediately, we should seal our sessions the same way as we tack down a thread.  We have to tack down our sewing, and so we tack it down when there is a change of forcefield.” “Born Free to Love,” July 5, 1985.


Based on these instructions you may make an individual call to seal the energies you have invoked in your Holy Christ Self so that it will never be requalified by the human if you are sealing your personal decrees or a short session with a group. The sealing to the Alternate Preamble is the standard and official sealing for any session in a larger group or service.


                Singing a Hymn in Preparation for a Dictation.

When we sing a hymn in preparation for a dictation, it is not for mere enjoyment, enjoy it as we will. It is not for a break.

The song/hymn is for a scientific use of the sacred fire and the power of the heart through music to deliver to an entire planetary home the momentum of our causal body.


It is a sacred ritual that demands as much if not more concentration in the inner planes of being. When you sing it should be from the full depths of your chakras because the reason we’re directed to sing a song is so that you can prepare your chakras to receive the light of the master who will speak to us.


                Creating a Chalice for the Light to Descend.

When Mother was in embodiment she gave many very precise instructions regarding decrees during services. The reason for this was to be able to create a forcefield and a chalice where the angels and masters could accomplish their work for us with the light.


            For example, the reason we were told not to walk up to the front of the chapel when the body of a decree was being given, but instead to wait to move up until after the sealing, is that the angels weave grids of light in the congregation while a decree is being given.


Mother also requested that the chapel be sealed after the end of the first song during the Jesus Watch so that the forcefield would not be disturbed at all because she explained that Jesus places his electronic presence over those in attendance. She said that it takes a great deal of concentration and meditation to sustain Jesus’ presence around us and the weaving of this filigree of Light as Jesus comes to mesh his Light Body with ours. Each time the forcefield is disrupted, it collapses something in the forcefield in the entire room. It is as though we are all interconnected as a honeycomb, each one being a cell within that comb, a geometric vessel for the honey of the Lord. 


A similar action takes place when we are decreeing in a group in our sanctuaries.


Archangel Zadkiel says that when we give our decrees to the violet flame, the angels gather around us and, with outstretched palms, direct across our body and aura and arc of the violet ray. As that arc flashes across our being, it vaporizes negative conditions and they literally disappear from our heart and mind.


We have also been taught that angels will fill the seats in a sanctuary if they are vacant. And so we are asked to remember to place our belongings on the floor under our chair so as to make room for the angels.


Let us all remember to approach our altars and invoke the light through our decrees with great devotion and the sense of the holiness of the work that is being accomplished by the masters and angels.


As chelas of the Ascended Masters, let us continue to be stewards of the dispensation of the Science of the Spoken Word by following Mother’s examples.


            Thank you for your service and devotion to the Word.

























You can use a decree to develop a facility for visualization by simply looking at the words and seeing those words that you are saying taking on the thoughtforms you image forth.  See those mental pictures as cups being filled with violet flame by angels, masters and cosmic beings.


First, see the figure of Jesus Christ and the Holy Christ Self descending over one person.  Hold that picture strong.  Focus the lens of your inner eye on it.  When it has become clear, you are ready to multiply your visualization.


Visualize a huge stadium filled with people.  See the presence of Jesus Christ and the Holy Christ Self dropping over everyone in the stadium like a mantle of light.


You can add to your mental picture as many thoughtforms as you can hold steady.  You can visualize the tube of light with the violet flame in center around yourself and every single person in the stadium.  You can visualize the I AM Presence above the entire crowd.  You can see the blessings flowing from your seven chakras, from your hands.


As you master the words of the decree and then memorize them, you can close your eyes and see, with the full power of seeing that God gave you in the third eye, any blessing you want to see your decrees accomplish.


Your mind should never be idle while you decree.  When you know a decree by heart, close your eyes and begin doing your work for the planet.  This is what the saints have called the mighty work of the ages. 


What you see, what you can conceive of because you know it is the Law of God, what you call forth, directing light rays through your chakras, you will precipitate; and it will come into manifestation on this planet.


Some have seen stupendous results from their prayers and affirmations.  It is astounding how God takes our fiats and our commands and brings them about in his good time.  Sometimes it takes years, but the hour of fulfillment does come, when it is the will of God.


When you give a decree, bring to the words in the decrees your very special imagination, your special images that you want to see outpictured on the screen of life.  God has given you a unique ability to image forth and to imprint your image on material substance.


No two people reading this will come up with the identical visualization or thought-form.  This is what enriches the kingdom of heaven – each individual sending forth the power of his mind, the power of his love, the power of his wisdom through the third-eye chakra to bring into manifestation the desiring of God and man, according to the will of God.


You can orchestrate a tremendous flow of light to the planet if you will just use this receiving-and- sending station that is your body.  Therefore, do not allow any components of this receiving-and- sending station to be idle, to be not in gear, to be not focused, not aligned, not tethered, not concentrated.  You must master your chakras and your four lower bodies if you would master yourself and your planet.


One way to assist in the visualization of the violet flame is to purchase a piece of violet satin or velvet to place on your altar.  Another excellent way to see and feel and even hear the violet flame is to see yourself seated before a blazing bonfire; colour it violet in your imagination and see each flame turn violet, purple and pink; and then see yourself stepping into the sacred fire.  You may also wish to visualize a sea of violet flame into which you plunge for the cleansing of your four lower bodies.