The Mother Church was founded on August 7, 1958 in Washington D.C., U.S.A by Mark L. Prophet under the direction of Beloved El Morya, Chief of the Darejeeling Council of the Great White Brotherhood.

In the early sixties, vibrations of the Ascended Masters’ Activity had reached Ghana and one or two individuals had started corresponding with it. One of such individuals was the late Alexander Krakue Esq. who by the end of 1964 had registered as a Keeper of the FLAME. The earliest available correspondence we had with the headquarters which was addressed to Mr. K. E. Donkoh dated November,1964 is attached as Appendix !.

On March 20, 1965, Alexander Krakue Esq. formed a Study Group of The Summit Lighthouse in Accra by registering six additional students with the headquarters in U.S.A.

Initially, the meeting place was at Mataheko, Accra, the residence of Alexander Krakue Esq.  When old Alex moved to Tema, a brother by name Mr Kofi Darko offered his home at Ridge, Accra for the meetings. Later on, when the brother was posted outside Ghana, the meeting place had to be shifted to Mamprobi, the residence of Mr. Herbert Krakue who became a Bishop of the Church. The growth of the church by the end of 1966 received a commendation from the Headquarters when an order for 15 decree books was considered as “rather sizeable order” as per Appendix II. As the membership grew, a house had to be rented at Kanda in Accra in1968 to serve as the sanctuary.

To operate within the legal framework of Ghana the Activity was registered with Deeds Registry as The Summit Lighthouse Church.

In 1972, by the command of the Darejeeling Council the Messengers, Mark and Elizabeth Prophet paid their first visit to Ghana.  During their visit they delivered the teachings of the Ascended Masters at the First African Summit Lighthouse Conference.

It was held in the Commonwealth Hall Chapel, University of Ghana from Friday July 21 to Sunday July 1972.  About seventy members and aspirants were in attendance.

The conference programme was made up of a Welcome Address, Invocation, Decrees, Prayers, Songs, Meditation, Baptism, Teachings on the Cosmic History of Africa as the blue and violet races and on Ghana as the focus of Saint Germain and Portia (symbolized in her motto of “Freedom and Justice”}. At the baptism a member chose the name of Sanat Kumara and upon Mark mentioning the name of Sanat Kumara, the bowl of water and rose petals began to shake.  In all ten lectures and seven dictations were given. To crown all these visible and describable activities there was  that invisible and undescribable impartation and communion of heart which participants experienced as a group and as individuals, each according to his or her level of attunement.  A copy of the conference programmed is attached as Appendix III.

The messengers stayed at a guest house at the University of Ghana, Legon, courtesy of the then Registrar Dr. E.A.K. Edzii who was not a member but came forward to be baptized during the conference.   Dr. Edzii became Executive Secretary of the Board in 1996.  Prior to the conference, the Messengers visited many places.  They also cruised on the Volta Lake where they established a focus to connect with the Resurrection Flame at the Headquarters of the Activity in Colorado Springs, U.S.A.,  which flame the Messengers carried to Egypt and on the Great Pyramid in September 1972 and thus gave impetus to the approaching millennium.  The Flame of Buddhic Consciousness was also established on the University of Ghana Campus.

The first visit of the messengers, Mark and Elizabeth Prophet was an Alpha thrust point in the history of the Church in Ghana and a turning point of spiritual significance for Africa.

Ghana is the heart chakra of Africa and Africa houses the Great Pyramid which is the storehouse of the destiny of planet earth; past, present and future. Man’s journey upon earth ends in Africa at the Ascension  Temple over Luxor, Egypt.  According to the deciphering of the construction of the Great Pyramid. July 23, 1972 was a significant date, the beginning of a period of great awakening.  It is stated that “On July 23, 1972, all nations should bow to the Christ.  No longer need we fear that evil will eventually triumph, because from this time on all nations will be compelled to become subject to the administration of the Christ.”  (See Sphinx and the Great Pyramid, published by the Summit Lighthouse- 1968.

The visit of the messengers which ended on July 23, 1972 was in fulfillment of that prophecy; hence it can be truly said that the history of  the Church in Ghana is an unfoldment of a cosmic drama.  Thus, the Messengers, in a  letter of ‘deep gratitude’ to the Church dated August 22, 1972, said inter alia, “We know that because you have chosen to rise millions of Africans will also choose to rise with you.  And we know that the spiral that was begun at Legon shall continue to rise in thirty-three tiers until the pyramid of Light is complete, the capstone is in place, and Africa as a continent ascends to the level of God-awareness.”  The full text of the letter is attached as Appendix IV.

The Church continued to grow from strength to strength spiritually, materially and membership wise.  The headquarters hastened this growth by sending bulk Keepers of the Flame Lessons and Pearls of Wisdom.  By the end of 1973 the impact of the Church had been felt throughout Ghana, manifesting in the opening of centres in Kumasi, Takoradi and Dunkwa-on-Offin, in addition to Accra. In 1973, the landlady of the Sanctuary at Kanda requested for her property and consequently the Church moved from Kanda to Odorkor on December 31,1973 to a property of the father-in-law of the then Director, Rev. Herbert H. Krakue.  Efforts were immediately made to secure a suitable land for the Church, but as this delayed the Director offered a piece of land adjoining he temporary sanctuary at Odorkor for the construction of a permanent sanctuary.

The construction was started and completed with lightning speed.  By the next visit of the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet in September 1976 (Mark having ascended on February 26, 1973) the sanctuary was ready for dedication, the Ghana Church scored another point of spiritual significance.  Under the direction of  Ascended Master El Morya, the Messenger consecrated the then Director as the “Bishop of Africa” with the responsibility of spreading the teaching of the Ascended Masters in Ghana and the whole of Africa. The significance of this ceremony can be seen from two angles.  First, at the time it was the only bishopric in the church worldwide.  Secondly, it emphasized Ghana’s responsibility of spreading the teachings of the Ascended Masters in the whole of Africa.

During the 1976 visit of the Messenger, the Second Africa Summit Lighthouse Conference was organized.  It took place  in the auditorium of the School of Administration, University of Ghana, Legon and lasted four days (September 19, 1976). An important features of this visit was the ordination of 9 lay-ministers, (8 for Ghana and 1 for Nigeria) and 3 Apostles  (2 for Ghana and 1 for Nigeria), charged to spearhead the expansion programmed of the Activity in Africa with Ghana as the springboard.

In January 1978, the Ghana Church had the rare opportunity of playing host to the messengers the third time.  On that occasion, the Mother Church re-designated the Summit Lighthouse Church in Ghana as CHURCH UNIVERSAL AND TRIUMPHANT OF GHANA under a new constitution dated January 18, 1978 and duly registered with the government of Ghana on September 7, 1978.

 The purpose of this third visit among other things, was to share her  ideas with Ghanaians on the concept of “Union Government” which the government of the time was placing before Ghanaians in a referendum.

She gave a series of lectures in which she explained the concept of God government.  Her  expose` was based on the premise that the future government that Ghanaians were laboring to have should be founded upon the shoulders of the “Christed Ones” as contained in Isaiah 9:16.

By 1980, two major centres had been opened at Akim  Oda, and Nkawkaw bringing the total of centres to six.

1980 was a year of fundamental change and end to the first dispensation under the Blue Flame of the Father.  The Bishop lost his leadership position and the Church also lost its Odorkor Sanctuary as there was  no legal documents to establish its bonafide ownership.  In fact, this was a period of great pain and initiation for the entire membership.

The Headquarters appointed and Interim Committee to run the affairs of the Church.   Through the assistance of some dedicated members, the Church, by the end of 1981, had an access to an abandoned club house in South Legon which was converted into a sanctuary.

In 1982, Rev. Paul K. Kyei was appointed the Director of the Church for second Life Cycle.  Under a second ray dispensation he pursued a vigorous expansion programmed through outreach.  The Church was represented on Ghana TV Programmes, “Contemplation” and “About Life”. The tangible result of the expansion programmed was the opening of new centres in the following towns and communities:  Koforidua, Apirede (Akuapem).  Leklebi/Hohoe, Keta, Ho, Obuasi, Axim/Ahanta, University of  Science and Technology (Kumasi) and Tamale.  Undoubtedly, the creation of these centres meant an increase in membership.  As at March 1990 registered members numbered about 950.

Between 1984 and 1985, the accommodation problem reared its head again.  The residents of South Legon demanded the release of the sanctuary to be used once again as club house.  At this critical moment one of the sisters, Mrs. Sybil  Foli, a member of the Church, willingly offered her house at Abelemkpe to be used temporarily as a Sanctuary.  The Church moved into this house on March 2, 1986.

Ghana’s role in giving ministerial support in Nigeria continued during the term of office of Rev. Paul K. Kyei.  Visits were paid not only paid to Lagos but to centres in Western and Eastern part of Nigeria, whilst Rev. K.E. Donkoh who was then resident in Kaduna took charge of the North.

 In December 1995, the term of Rev. Kyei came to an end.  This was in line with Headquarters new policy of giving opportunity to as  many people to serve in the highest office of the Church.   The Headquarters expressed “sincere appreciation for his many years of dedicated and selfless service as President of the Ghana Church, who steadfastly held the flame in Ghana”  As a minister, distinct from President (Director}, Rev. Kyei continues to render distinguished ministerial service to the Church.

Rev. Kobina E. Donkoh, a founding member of the Church, was appointed the new Director for a Third Life Cycle from January 1996.  Under a hird Ray dispensation of Divine Love of the Holy Spirit, he preaches the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, through the the application of the Ascended Masters teachings in line with the Re-engineering process initiated by Headquarters.

 At long last the Church commenced a Church Complex in July 1996; the ground floor of which was dedicated on 22nd March 1998 at the 33rd Anniversary celebration of the founding of the Summit Lighthouse in Ghana.

It must be stated that the impetus for the Church project was the result of an offer of a more suitable plot of land by a member.  The zeal of the general membership, (both local and abroad) in Building Fund contributions, tithes,, special offering; backed with Supply Novenas precipitated the alchemy with the blessing of the Masters for which we are grateful



May each one ponder the dilemma of his future. Go to the heart of Sanat Kumara, Lord Gautama and Lord Jesus Christ to make your peace, through the Law of Forgiveness, with all whom you have wronged.  This do, beloved, and know your freedom day by day.”                                                                                                     Afra: 4-4-97


“The future belongs to those who embrace change. We must throw off our worn-out concepts and move with ZEl Morya and Saint Germain into a future of unlimited creativity, productivity and spiritual acceleration”  Building a New Culture.

we see:

___  A future where our church complex shall receive completion culminating in a magnificent chapel with a motif of Lighthouse.

___  A future where “Ascended Masters’ become a household word by taking the teachings to each home through the mass media-newspapers, radio and television.

__     A future where “Africa, as a continent ascends to the level of God-awareness”

(The Messengers)